In a startling revelation, intelligence agencies have uncovered a sinister plot aimed at Minister Tiran Alles and Acting Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Deshabandu Tennakoon. 


According to reliable sources from the Presidential Secretariat, the plot involves plans to remove or even eliminate both the Minister and the AIGP due to their pivotal roles in leading the ongoing ‘Yukthiya’ anti-narcotics operation.

The intelligence reports suggest that individuals involved in drug trafficking have allocated significant funds to execute this nefarious plan.

It is believed that they are mobilising certain politicians and officials with influence to undermine the authority of the AIGP and derail the ‘Yukthiya’ operation.

The success of the anti-narcotics efforts poses a significant threat to these criminal networks, prompting them to resort to desperate measures.

In an attempt to garner support, they are reportedly reaching out to high profile individuals, including political leaders and State officials and even attempting to engage foreign diplomats.

The ‘Yukthiya’ anti-narcotics operation, launched on 17 December last year, has made significant progress in combating drug trafficking, resulting in the arrest of nearly 60,000 suspects and the seizure of large quantities of narcotics.

The Police are taking swift action to disseminate this information among the public and raise awareness of the potential risks posed by these criminal elements.



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