In an era of rapidly advancing technology, Sri Lankan students find themselves at a critical juncture. As the global landscape changes, so do employment opportunities urging the exploration of educational roads overseas for Sri Lankan students.

The need to gain cutting edge skills and broaden horizons is more pronounced than ever before.

As Sri Lankan students contemplate their futures, the appeal of overseas education is found not only in chasing academic excellence but also in the exposure to diverse cultures, networks and global perspectives. With an increase in research on artificial intelligence, contributions to sustainable development, and new advancements in biotechnology, the journey beyond borders promises unparalleled opportunities for growth and impact.

With so many pathways to tread towards greatness Jeewa Education is dedicated to give their students the utmost support and guidance to help them to win the crown to the world.

Jeewa Australian Education Roadshow is an opportunity provided for students around Sri Lanka to realize their dreams of higher education. With over 30 Australian universities coming to the roadshow, students have the opportunity to talk firsthand with universities and talk about their study options and get guidance for their future goals.

The Jeewa Roadshow is being held in Galle on the 21st, Jaffna on the 23rd, Kandy on the 24th and Colombo on the 25th.

For more information refer to the Jeewa Education website.

Come to Jeewa AER 2024, Win the Crown to the world.


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