All Police personnel will receive an increase in their food and lodging allowance with effect from next Tuesday.

Accordingly, the police will initially for a six-month period will be receiving the first phase of the increase and in six months’ time will receive a further increase with the arrears for the six months, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Security Viyani Gunathilake told the Sunday Times.

The Police Constable to Sergeant ranks will receive an increase between Rs 2,340 to Rs 4.230 while the Sub Inspector and Chief Inspector ranks will receive an increase of Rs 3,060 and Rs 4,320 respectively. 

Between Assistant Superintendent of Police to Inspector General of Police ranks the increase is Rs 4,140.

Accordingly, the food and lodging allowance paid for police personnel will range from Rs 18,930 to Rs 25,140 with further increases due in six months to be paid with arrears from this month onwards.

The full increased allowance was due to police personnel from January, but had been delayed due to a delay in the Treasury releasing funds.

The police Department has agreed that they would manage the payment through their own funds until the Treasury releases the funds.

Meanwhile Police officers who are deployed to control ongoing protests, and drug raids and attached to related intelligence services are to be given special allowance- one-fourth of their respective basic salaries following the Cabinet approval.

Also, as per the Cabinet approval, actions are underway to make one-fourth of allowance from the basic salary for the officers who have deployed in the Crime Investigation division, Drug raid activities, supporting of protests and riots controlling, intelligence service and investigations to safeguard law and order in the country, according to the Progress report for last year (2023) released by Ministry of Public Security.

However, police officers attached to the VIP security division for retired Presidents, Prime Minister’s Security Division, Ministers’ Security Division, Special Task Force (STF) and Intelligence service have already been granted a special allowance amounting to one-third of their basic salary as well, the report stressed.

Promotions were also granted to 8381 officers qualified as per the hierarchy of Sri Lanka Police during the first three quarters of last year.

Among them, 4587 alone were promoted from the rank of Police Constable to Sergeant of Police.

Among 2297 officers attached to Sri Lanka Police and STF who had submitted papers for vacation of their posts in the past, 910 officers were qualified to be reinstated into the service after interview.

Recommendation was also sought by the police from the Public Service Commission to reinstate another 62 officers as well, according to the report.

There were no fresh recruitments made to Sri Lanka Police from January to September last year.



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