The MJP has rejected as baseless the claims that former Army chief Daya Ratnayake has joined the party.

Certain social media claimed Ratnayake, who recently obtained membership of the SJB, visited the MJP’s head office in Borella yesterday (31) and met its leader Dilith Jayaweera.


Based on that, ‘The Leader’ too, published a report this morning.

A MJP spokesman said the claims were a planned attempt to discredit the party.

Jayaweera and Ratnayake are close friends, and pictures of a past meeting between them have been used to fabricate falsehoods.

No meeting took place between the two, said the party spokesman, adding that it was an act of insult in the face of massive public appreciation of the MJP.


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The SJB too, refuted claims of such a meeting having taken place.

In a statement, head of its presidential election campaign Sujeewa Senasinghe said such falsehoods could continue in an attempt to prevent various parties from joining hands to strengthen the SJB.

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