The government received notification that the vessel “Lorenzo Putha 4” previously lost in the Arabian Sea, has been successfully rescued by the Seychelles Coast Guard.

The Seychelles Navy officially communicated this information to the Chief of Presidential Staff and National Security Advisor Sagala Ratnayaka, today (29).

The multi-day fishing trawler “Lorenzo Putha 4” commenced its maiden voyage from the Dikovita fishing harbour on January 12, carrying six fishermen.

According to the Department of Fisheries, the vessel was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea, approximately 1,160 nautical miles from land.

Consequently, the Sri Lanka Navy informed the Combined Maritime Forces, consisting of 40 countries located in Bahrain, to investigate the missing vessel.



Owner of the hijacked multi-day fishing trawler Milroy Perera said all 6 fishermen aboard 'Lorenzo Puth 4' were safely rescued.


The Seychelles Coast Guard initiated a special operation to locate the “Lorenzo Putha 4,” successfully finding the vessel in the possession of Somali pirates.

In a commendable effort, the Seychelles Coast Guard arrested three Somali pirates, and all six fishermen aboard the “Lorenzo Putha 4” were safely rescued.

Under the guidance of National Security Advisor Sagala Ratnayaka, operations have been launched to bring the fishing vessel back to the country.

The Sri Lanka Navy, with special supervision, is overseeing this operation, and the Seychelles Coast Guard has informed that the vessel is currently en route to Victoria Port in Seychelles.


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