Mainstream southern parties are monitoring the conduct of the new leader of the ITAK (TNA) in preparation for their presidential election campaigns.

S. Sritharan does not maintain links with the southern polity and is considered to be pro-LTTE.

At the election, he had the majority support in the party, which has a strong stance with regard to the Tamil issue, as well as from the Tamil diaspora.

On the other hand, his unsuccessful challenger M.A. Sumanthiran has a rapport with parties in the south.

Speaking to the media after his election, Sritharan said he would fulfil his responsibility and obligation to win the fundamental rights for his people.

He said his role would be based on Tamil nationalism.


Past presidential elections saw the TNA directly or indirectly campaigning against the government candidate.

It has not got involved in talks by certain northern parties to field C.V. Vigneswaran as a northern Tamil candidate.



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