The public will witness the outcomes of the government’s new economic reforms despite the opposition’s criticism, National Security Advisor Sagala Ratnayaka said.

Addressing a meeting in Colombo to raise awareness among the members of the Community Police Committees, NSA Ratnayaka emphasized the importance of safeguarding the country’s law and order during its development.

He stressed the necessity of creating an environment where people can live without fear and doubt, highlighting the importance of law and order for attracting investors and facilitating business activities.

He drew a parallel with developed countries, emphasizing the need for transparency in law and order and the allocation of resources to capital, human resources and technology.

Reflecting on the economic challenges faced two years ago, Ratnayaka, who is also the President's Chief of Staff, acknowledged the progress made in stabilizing the economy, with the government receiving significant support from the public.

He outlined ongoing efforts to provide relief to those in need, including changes in the fertilizer policy to revive agriculture.

Providing an overview of various economic reforms, he highlighted the increase in government revenue from less than 5% to 16% of the GDP. He pointed out the growth in the tourism industry which expects 2.5 million tourists to visit Sri Lanka.

Addressing future plans, he mentioned preparations for port development, increased container exchanges, and the importance of maintaining trust between the public and the government for successful development.

He emphasized the significance of dealing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and reiterated that, despite opposition criticism, the people will witness the results of the government’s economic reforms.


Must confront drug scourge


NSA Ratnayaka observed that in the pursuit of a nation’s progress, it is imperative to eliminate the scourge of drugs from our society.

“The youth, integral to the country’s development, are being adversely affected by the destructive impact of drugs—a situation we are witnessing first-hand. Consequently, Operation Yukthiya was initiated to eradicate the menace of drugs within the country.

Beyond the borders of Sri Lanka, the drug issue poses a global threat. It is crucial to put an end to this menace, and we seek the support of everyone in this endeavour. We extend our gratitude to the police and all security forces committed to the country’s drug eradication program,” NSA Ratnayaka added.


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