With the people having faith in president Ranil Wickremesinghe’s economic programme, he is certain to contest at the next presidential election, said MP Nimal Lanza.

After meeting a group of top businessmen in Colombo yesterday (07), Lanza told the media that a presidential election will be held first.

“We are confident Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe will contest. The country is giving him recognition for having revived the collapsed country somewhat. They believe the economy can rebound if this system continues,” he said.

He said his group would support Wickremesinghe’s economic programme and does not have hopes on anyone else, let alone the SLPP.  

Speaking further, MP Lanza said Dhammika Perera could be a good entrepreneur, but lacks political acumen.

He has been given a big hope or a D-rope by someone and I believe the SLPP will not deny him that, he said.




Lanza ridiculed the SJB of accepting former SLPPers like Nalaka Godahewa and G.L. Peiris, after accusing that party and the Rajapaksas of being the main culprits for the county’s bankruptcy.

“They were the ones who ran the government. They reduced taxes and left the country high and dry.  The SJB found fault with Nalaka, G.L. and SLPP. I am asking them if they are embracing them now without any shame,” said Lanza.

He also took the JVP to task, saying that the educated people should admit that party is incapable of doing anything.

“The JVP is a group who takes from others, depends on others for a living. Do Anura Kumara, Sunil Handunnetti, Vijitha Herath have jobs? No,” he claimed.

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