Pelmadulla Magistrate N. Siriwardena yesterday (29) ordered the release of the daughter in connection with the murder of her mother,

after Pelmadulla Police informed court that investigations have revealed that she (the daughter) had not been involved in the murder.

A 55-year-old male resident of the Wellandura area of Kahawatte who was arrested on suspicion of the murder of the 71-year-old woman was ordered to be remanded till January 1 by the Magistrate.

The police said that the statements given by the neighbours during the investigation after the murder and the wave of killings that took place in Kotakethana caused a disturbance among the people and considering the safety of the young woman, she was arrested. However the Police said that she was not arrested on suspicion.

Police informed the court that the male suspect who was arrested by the Kahawatte Police had come to the house of deceased on the afternoon of December 13.

The suspect identified as Talagala Arachchige Aruna Sanjeeva alias ‘Dole Bass’ is an Army deserter.


On December 13, a 71-year-old woman named Jayasundara Mudianselage Vinita Jayasundara, a mother of three, was hacked to death in a house in Wellandura, in the Kahawatte Police area.

In connection with the murder, her younger daughter was arrested on December 15 and remanded until January 1. When the suspect was presented to the Pelmadulla Magistrate’s Court on December 22, police were ordered to obtain an evaluation of the suspect by a psychiatrist.

The suspect (daughter of the deceased) was identified as a 38-year-old unmarried woman named Edirisinghe Arachchilage Menaka Sanjeevani Edirisinghe. She was serving as a development officer in state service.

However, Kahawatte Police conducted further investigations as there wasn’t sufficient evidence to detain the suspect (the daughter of the murdered woman) in connection with the crime.

Accordingly, based on investigations and eyewitness reports regarding the incident, the suspect ‘Dole Bass’ was arrested by Kahawatta Police yesterday (29) evening.



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