A death from the coronavirus has been reported after a long period.

A 65-old admitted to Kandy National Hospital with breathing difficulties and lung infection has died, and a PCR test returned positive, said hospital sources.

It comes as a WHO warning that coronavirus patients have increased by 52 per cent within the past four weeks worldwide.

Of the 850,000 positive cases, 3,000 have died.


JN 1 strain now spreading?


In the meantime, health expert Prof. Chandima Jeewandara said the JN 1 strain of the virus could now be spreading in the island.

With minimum PCR tests being conducted, he said the actual situation could not be determined.

He recommended taking precautionary measures including wearing face masks and taking booster shots by people at risk.

Chandima Jeewandara X 2023


Health sector on alert


Meanwhile, a senior Health Ministry official said the health sector is on alert to face any contingency.


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