All efforts will be taken, both in and outside parliament, to get the international cricket ban on Sri Lanka lifted, said chief government whip Prasanna Ranatunga.

The Wickremesinghe-led government will negotiate with the ICC in that regard, he said.

Every citizen accepts Sri Lanka Cricket to be a worst corruption institution, he said.

It was not a political meddling that all in parliament joined together and adopted a resolution to eliminate corruption from the SLC, added Ranatunga.

He urged the sports minister to take immediate legal action against SLC president Shammi Silva for having asked the ICC to suspend SLC, as reported by and other international media.


ICC meets on 21st


Since announcing its suspension of SLC, the ICC is yet to reveal the conditions attached.

It is due to meet on 21 November to discuss the next course of action.

Silva has told the media that he too, would participate, before which he would meet president Wickremesinghe.



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