The Colombo Commercial High Court has fixed the next hearing for 20 November a case against DSI Samson Group’s managing director Kasun Rajapaksa, directors Thusita Rajapaksa, Bhathiya Amarakoon, Asanka Rajapaksa and company secretary Varuni de Silva.

The case that was last heard on 09 October has been filed by Sajith Rajapaksa, another director of the company.

The respondents have been accused of contempt of court as they have allegedly violated a court order to reinstate Sajith in the positions he previously held in the company.

The directors removed Sajith from the position of managing director of three companies of DSI Samson Group and from the position of director of five other companies.

The court ordered to reinstate him in these positions.

The complainant said that company secretary de Silva, with the knowledge of the other directors, had deliberately neglected her duties in a manner posing legal obstacles to him to continue as the managing director.

Sajith said the directors conspired to remove him from the positions during the period he was in remand custody over an incident in which shots were fired at his home at Borella Cross Road on 22 June.

Sajith and the alleged shooter, an Army deserter, were arrested and remanded.

Trouble started brewing after the then managing director proposed to the director board in the first week of April to pay equal profits among family members.

DSI Samson Group is one of the biggest local business conglomerates consisting of around 30 companies.

The profit-earning ones are being run by the sons of the managing director, with the court being told that Sajith is responsible for Samson Rubber Products (Pvt.) Ltd., the biggest foreign exchange earner among them all.

This state-of-the-art value-added company produces DSI tyres for export.

Companies under Sajith are considered to be having the least credit burdens and the highest institutional taxpayers providing jobs for thousands of persons.

Samson Rubber Products and Samson Rubber Industries were main among the top income earners during the 2019-2022 period that saw businesses plummet due to the Easter Sunday terror attacks and the coronavirus pandemic.


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