Yet another reshuffle of ministers is likely before the presentation of budget 2024, according to government sources.

Several new faces are to be introduced to the cabinet, with the intention of garnering MPs’ support for the budget.

There already are suggestions before the government on how that change could take place.

Several from the SLPP are to receive ministerial and state ministerial portfolios accordingly.

The party has decided not to take up again with president Ranil Wickremesinghe its repeated request of cabinet positions for 10 of its seniors.

A number of SLPP MPs have warned of suitable action with regard to the budget or other crucial matters if their party continued to be ignored by him.

In the meantime, the government has found the performance of certain ministers and ministry secretaries to be at a very low level.

As a result, a change in the secretaries of those ministries is expected as well.

Just days ago, the president changed three ministers, including health.

He is due to present his budget proposals for next year on 13 November, with the vote on the third reading due exactly a month later.


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