MP Nimal Lanza has lashed out at SLPP general secretary Sagara Kariayawasam in defence of the minor cabinet reshuffle, which he described as the correct thing done by the president.


If the party cannot work together with the president, it is free to defeat budget 2024 and go for a general election, Lanza told the media.

The SLPP breakaway independent MP said the change in the health minister was effected following a discussion between the president and the SLPP leadership.

The main issue raised by that party’s general secretary was not that change, but that the SLFP’s getting more responsibilities.

Amalgamating plantation industries with the agriculture ministry will help both to work closely together.

It was a very correct decision taken by the president, he said.

The finance ministry’s takeover of institutions due for privatization is a most appropriate decision too.

“If Sagara Kariyawasam and others have the power, they can show it. They can take a firm decision without saying things. They can sit in the opposition,” said Lanza.

Kariyawasam can tell the president to the face that they will no longer support him, he said, and challenged him to leave the government.

The SLPP general secretary kept his silence when Namal Rajapaksa was showered with ministries during the Gotabaya Rajapaksa regime that had four or five cabinet reshuffles, he pointed out.

“They kept their silence like kittens,” he added.

Lanza also dared the SLPP general secretary for a face-to-face debate with him on past and present affairs of politics.

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