In a significant development aimed at fostering collaboration and cooperation in the field of journalism, the Sri Lanka-China Journalists Forum and the All-Pakistan Journalists Association came together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The signing ceremony took place at the Communication University of China during the Global Journalists Salon organized by the All China Journalists Association.

The MOU signing was a momentous occasion attended by journalists from more than 15 countries and witnessed by Mr. Tao, the Director of the International Department of the All China Journalists Association.

The key provisions of the MOU include:

Journalist Training Programs: Both parties commit to encouraging the development of and participation in journalist training programs, strengthening the skills and knowledge of journalists from Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Support for Journalism Schools: The MOU seeks to promote cooperation between journalism schools in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, enhancing the educational landscape for aspiring journalists.

News Awards: The two parties will offer support for and participate in activities related to news awards, including the selection of winners, recognizing journalistic excellence.

Collaboration on Delegations: They will prepare letters of invitation for each other's journalist delegations and assist with procedures such as visa applications, facilitating easier exchange of ideas and experiences.

Business Activities and Itineraries: The MOU envisions cooperation in planning business activities, suggesting itineraries, and finding translators for delegations, ensuring productive interactions.Consultation on Themes and Visits: The parties will decide through consultation the theme and itinerary of a given visit, tailoring their interactions to mutual interests.

Expenses: Both parties will hold consultations regarding expenses for food, accommodation, travel, and translating services, ensuring transparency and fair arrangements.

Both parties jointly will initiate to establish the South Asia Journalists Network of the Belt and Road Journalists Network (BRJN) in future.

The MOU takes effect upon signing by both parties and is effective for a period of five years. It includes a provision for automatic renewal, unless either party provides a minimum of six months formal notice to terminate the agreement at the end of its current term.

The MOU was signed by Zaheer Alam, President of All-Pakistan Journalists Association and Sudewa Hettiarachchi, who is the treasurer of Sri Lanka-China Journalists Forum, on the behalf of two organizations.


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