A Tamil civil society activist in Batticaloa has claimed that he had been threatened with death by a group with links to the government.

Wimalasena Lavakumar told the media on 03 October that it happened after he gave an interview to a YouTube channel against state minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan on 19 September.

Six armed men in motorcycles came to his home at Kiran around 11.30 pm on the previous day.

They had warned him against speaking about a camp run by Pillayan at Theevuchchenai on the border with Polonnaruwa, where abducted people were reportedly taken after he left the LTTE.

No one had returned from that camp alive, said Lavakumar.

Wearing dark coloured clothing and armed with T-56 and AK-47 automatic rifles, four of the men spoke in Tamil in the style of Batticaloa people, while the two others spoke in Sinhala.

They told him, “Today, we came to get rid of you. But, first we are warning you. People like you will make us clean our firearms again,” adding that he would definitely be killed if there was a second time.

Only those with links to the government and state intelligence can threaten people like that, Lavakumar said, adding that impunity against past crimes allows them to take to arms and abduct people again.

He added that if any harm comes to his Life, those with links to the government and state intelligence should be held responsible.



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