SJB spokesman S.M. Marikkar yesterday (04) accused the government of increasing Sri Lanka’s debt burden by 14 per cent in just a six-month period.

Quoting data from a website report on Sri Lanka’s debt situation as at 01 September, he said Sri Lanka’s total debt was 84 billion US dollars at the end of December 2022.

“In the first quarter of this year it has increased to 91.9 billion USD and by the end of second quarter it has further increased to 96.5 billion USD,” he said.

“In other words, in the first six months alone the government has obtained loans amounting to 11.8 billion USD from development bonds and various other means,” he added.

The MP accused the government of increasing the country’s debt burden by 14 pc.

“This is how they have allegedly revived the economy,” he said.

He said that through tariffs, prices and tax rate increases the government revenue too, has increased in recent times.

“While they are victimising the lower income and middle classes to earn revenue, on the other hand they have taken loans amounting to 11.8 billion USD,” he pointed out.

He asked if the government’s strategy for economic revival merely involves extracting funds primarily from the lower income and middle-class citizens while also increasing borrowing.

Marikkar pointed out the government has failed to protect pensioners and other disadvantaged classes despite obtaining loans.

“They have not learnt a lesson. The same pattern is being repeated. They have no interest in creating new income generation schemes for the country. They are not sensitive to the plight of the people and their sufferings,” he alleged.


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