Police have been criticized for failing to act against attacks targeting farmers at Mayurapura in the Walawa agricultural zone.

In a statement, the Movement for Land and Agricultural Reforms has detailed the incidents affecting an area with 5,300 farmer families.

They have been faced with an acute shortage of water to cultivate their land in Yala season with the postponement in the releasing of waters of Udwalawa reservoir.

Leaders of 86 farmers’ organizations there are mediating in resolving issues that also include damage to their crops by wild elephants and economic hardships in general.

In the meantime, large-scale commercial cultivators, including those who do it illegally, use money, political influence and thuggery against the other farmers.

Within the past one month, two farmer leaders at Mayurapura have been assaulted, with one still remaining in hospital.




On 27 July, K.A. Ajith Kumara (47) was beaten up and dumped near a tank by unidentified persons.

G. Karunatilake (54) has had his limbs broken in an attack on him with clubs by a group of persons near another tank 18 days later.

Despite complaints to the police, no legal action whatsoever has been taken, while the attackers remain free.


The Movement for Land and Agricultural Reforms demands to know the reasons for police inaction and the identity of those responsible for attacks on Mayurapura farmers.


"One of the best ways to ease tensions is to arrest those who have assaulted farmers' leaders. If these organized groups are allowed to continue, the lives of farmer leaders are in danger. If violence claims the life of a farmer leader, the police must take responsibility," they added.


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