President Ranil Wickremesinghe has been criticized for delivering a political speech at a catholic event.

His speech at the annual feast of Madhu Church in Mannar on 15 August focused on development work targeting a developed Sri Lanka by 2048.

‘Gnanartha Pradeepaya’, official journal of the Catholic Church and the oldest Catholic publication in Sinhala, referred to the president’s speech in its editorial of the latest issue.

It said the Madhu Church is revered by all Sri Lankans as a sacred site and devotees pay homage there every year with immense devotion.

But, most think this time, the president’s remarks have shattered their spiritual reflections and virtue.

As the first citizen of the country, he should have understood where he was, whom he was addressing and what he should be and should not be speaking about, said the editorial.

He should have known that politics of promises is wholly inappropriate on such an occasion.

The journal stresses that politicians should not be allowed to speak at religious observances.



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