State Minister of Defence Premitha Bandara Tennakoon said that strict laws will be implemented to curb illegal human and drug trafficking through the Indian Ocean.

The Minister also said that relief measures have been implemented for those who have been affected by the adverse weather and necessary amendments will be brought to prevent misuse of existing circulars in providing disaster relief.

Speaking at a press briefing today (06) at the Presidential Media Center, he further said;

"The security of the Indian Ocean is a concern for both India and Sri Lanka. The Navy contributes significantly to the security of the Indian Ocean region and does so with great responsibility.

Every year, the Sri Lankan Government obtains a report on national security for the following five years. This assessment covers crimes related to geopolitics, terrorism, extremism, and illicit activity.

In accordance with this evaluation, steps are taken regarding the security of the country as a state. When making decisions, these evaluations are taken into consideration.

The stability of the nation’s economy is primarily impacted by the rule of law. Therefore, no nation that has not created the rule of law can be expected to advance.

We represent a new generation. We think about the future differently. Although our political ideologies are different in terms of power bases, we stand together for the country when needed.

Today, President Ranil Wickramasinghe has put in place a clear plan to develop the economy of the nation. It should be noted that this is a chance for everyone to collaborate, regardless of how diverse their ideologies may be."


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