(Dermatologist Dr. Nayani Madarasinghe comments)

# If it turns white quickly when applied, the risk of that product is also very high

# Glutathione is a vaccine that is not approved anywhere in the world, not in our country.


We have brown skin naturally since we live in a tropical location with heavy sun exposure and need it to protect us. The use of numerous lotions and ointments that are sold to lighten the skin reduces its protective qualities. We may experience numerous damages as a result of our increased sensitivity to sunshine.

There is also the temptation that some people to use these constantly. Long-term use of these can even cause skin cancer.




Today, our people also make use of a skin-whitening vaccination. Glutathione. It is good for you to know that this vaccine is not allowed to be used for skin whitening in our country or in any country in the world. It has not been medically proven anywhere that the use of this glutathione vaccine will whiten the skin properly. Not only that, there is a risk of many side effects from taking this vaccine.


This vaccine may cause short-term allergic reactions. Neurological disorders may occur. Also, liver and kidney complications may occur. There is no need to explain again that these organs are extremely important for the existence of life.

If your skin turns white quickly by removing these cosmetics, you should pay more attention as it has added danger. These may contain harmful substances such as bleaching agents, heavy metals, and steroids. Fast whitening of the skin may be the fact that these harmful substances are contained in high concentrations. These skin whitening creams, creams, and glutathione injections can cause danger to vital organs of the body by using them instead of the skin.


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