Anura Kumara must get more than 7 million votes to be crowned as the ninth Executive President of Sri Lanka.
Gotabhaya Rajapaksa got a little over 6.9 million votes, which was still 52% of the valid votes. A couple of hundred thousand votes less would have made him insufficient to reach the 50%+1 point. Anura collected an abysmal 0.4 million votes back then. For the JVP leader to move into the President’s House, he has to make a huge leap from 0.4 million to 7 million. How can he do it?

Even when Mahinda Rajapaksa lost in 2015, he got more than 5.7 million votes. That is 47% of the valid votes cast. That is the basic vote base of the SLPP. The additional 1.5 million votes which GR got came from the floaters who took to the streets to paint those pathetic murals and then came to Aragalaya on the roof of moving trains. That’s why they are called floaters. Thus, it is likely that all those floating votes would go to AKD this time. Now, Anura has 2 million votes.

Similarly, Sajith Premadasa also received a number of floating votes. If we think that at least 0.5 million of that lot comes to AKD, now Anura has 2.5 million votes. If we think that half of the newly added 1 million votes will go to JVP, now Anura has 3 million votes. It’s getting close!

The traditional UNP Sinhala voter who has gone to SP will never vote for the JVP. They are arrogant like that. If at all there is anybody who will change to JVP, it will be the slowest set of the SLPP voters who would be ignorant enough to vote for a diabolical gang like the JVP. It is a very small number in reality. But since anything could happen during these times of lunacy, let’s think that half of the SLPP base votes will go to AKD this time. Now, Anura has about 5.5 million votes. He has beaten SP by this point.

But he still needs another 1.5 million. Where can he get it? That 1.5 million can only come from the Tamil and Muslim parties. Currently, they seem like they are with Sajith. They are hardcore extremists who will never vote for the SLPP. But Anura can easily win them over. All he has to do is promise to grant their racist religious demands. It seems that the deal is already done because those minority party leaders are not making even a teeny-weeny noise these days. There you have it, folks… Now Anura has the 7 million votes he needs to control Sri Lanka. If at all it happens, then this is how Anura Kumara will be the next Executive President of our country.

It would be wise to collect the Catholic-Christian votes as the icing on the cake. The common goal of the majority of Tamils, Muslims, Catholics, Christians and Hindus in Sri Lanka is to end the Bauddha Sinhala cultural dominance in this country once and for all. Everyone knows that the best candidate who can make it happen is the secularist Anura Kumara. That is why the Anti-Bauddha and Anti-Sinhala merchants are now pumping money into JVP. It is for the same reason that Ibrahim Nana, one of the richest Muslim merchants in Sri Lanka and the sponsor of the Islamist terrorists who carried out the Easter attack, spent lavishly on JVP. After AKD grabs the executive presidency, the Bauddha monks and their temples will see what will happen to them.

Plan B

Any plan can fail. So, there has to be a plan B. And that plan is to make sure that no candidate gets the 50%+1 in the first count. For that, what needs to be done is to divide the SLPP votes into many pieces. That project is currently being carried out by those arrogantly stupid, over-the-top, flippant hacks such as Nimal Kansa, Wimal Weeravancha, Dallas Malahapperuma, Champaka Renawaka, Maithripala Karisena and Dilith Nayaweera. Therefore, JVP should give some of their briefcases of money to these chaps and promote their project even more. But there is another project that needs to be done in particular.

That is to prevent SLPP from nominating their own candidate for the presidential election. Then, the SLPP voters will run all over the place like headless chickens. They are well known to chop their nose off to spite their face. They will try to teach a lesson to the SLPP leaders. This project is currently being carried out by a set of egomaniacs who are sucking the temporary benefits of ministerial bones. What JVP should do is promote this project as much as possible. Anura really doesn’t need to waste the JVP money by showing off at public meetings by drawing people from buses. All he needs to do is implement the above political plans.

I suggest that this perversion be allowed to happen. It is only then that the Bauddha Sinhala people of this country will learn a lesson that will not be forgotten for another generation, at least. Much like the lesson our hippy uncles and aunts learned by causing the LTTE and the 88-89 massacre. They must learn what will happen to themselves and the State when a strong democratic political camp like the SLPP is weakened through blatant lies and conspiracy. That's when the so-called nationalist Kumarajundas, who so arrogantly blame the Rajapaksas for every goddamn thing, will see their Bali Tharu Ravana in broad daylight. This is politics.
Eranda Ginige

(The writer is a social entrepreneur and former presidential advisor. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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