On the first of October, nationwide festivals, competitions, and various programs are held to commemorate World Children's Day.

A more beautiful country will be created tomorrow if we can think "every child is unique" and work throughout the year rather than just one day of the year.

Parents dream of their child becoming a shining member of society who will bring fame to the family from the moment he or she is born. There are some important things that parents should do to make that dream a reality.


Remember that every child can think and act in novel ways. Allow children the freedom and opportunity to do what they want, not what you want. Never lose sight of the fact that your child is unique. You also understand that no two children are the same.


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Your child may have a lot of requests all the time. It's in children's nature. However, you may not have the necessary resources or time to meet all their requirements.

Don't be desperate; try to meet as many of the child's needs as you can with the resources you have. What matters is that you support and encourage the child. Accept what you have and teach the child to think and act in new ways.

Children have a lot of stories to tell. They need a friend to listen to those stories. Working closely with children ensures that they will choose their mother or father as their best friend. It's no surprise that children who are estranged from their parents engage in a variety of inappropriate behaviors.

Keep in mind that children are incapable of detecting loneliness. To relieve loneliness, they frequently engage in play with toys, animals, and leaves. Have you ever witnessed the joy of a child who is extremely close to his or her parents, brothers, or relatives?


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Children's personalities are formed by correcting their mistakes and rewarding their successes. However, before reprimanding children for certain wrongdoings, consider whether it should be done in the first place in front of a group of people. You may recall receiving advice and compliments from adults when you were younger.


It is critical to teach children the truth without making false promises. Only you can raise a good citizen who does not lie or cheat. Always try to explain facts and events in a way that the child's mind can bear and understand.

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Children should be given the opportunity to learn, play, and freely express their thoughts and ideas. Remember to solicit their feedback during social gatherings as well. Even if only one day of the year is set aside to celebrate Children's Day, if you can think of every day as your child's day, you will be very happy in the future.

Mother and father are the first teachers of a child. So, you must understand and deal with the responsibility that has been assigned to you to raise a successful citizen who contributes to society. Children are the future of a country. You are the creator of a lovely country.


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Dr. Nadee Dissanayake

Founder/Secretary - CUP
Senior Commissioner
Inland Revenue Dept, Sri Lanka

*The writer can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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