The UK voters will have the chance to elect the world's first AI lawmaker in the forthcoming elections.

Businessman Steve Endacott is running as an independent candidate in Britain's July 4 national election, but his campaign features an AI-generated avatar named “AI Steve”.

Steve Endacott, 59, who runs Neural Voice, is launching a new political party that plans to recruit more AI candidates across the country.

This election marks the beginning of this initiative.

The Electoral Commission has clarified that if AI Steve wins, Mr Endacott, not the AI, will serve as the Member of Parliament (MP).

Here are some facts about AI Steve:

1. AI Steve is the artificial intelligence candidate representing businessman Steve Endacott. AI Steve will appear on the ballot for the Brighton Pavilion constituency in the UK's national election on July 4, 2024.

2. Steve Endacott refers to AI Steve as an “eco-friendly capitalist with a conscience, who is fed up with traditional politics.” The avatar can even “dodge questions like a real politician.”

3. AI Steve can have up to 10,000 conversations at once and will always be available for calls, says Mr Endacott.

4. Powered by Neural Voice, AI Steve engages with voters in real-time on various issues such as LGBTQ rights, housing, garbage collection, the Israel-Hamas war, cycling lanes, and immigration. It offers policy ideas and seeks public feedback.

5. AI Steve allows voters to interact with the candidate and discuss policies, ensuring continuous communication and responsiveness to public needs.


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