President Ranil Wickremesinghe met with Most Rev. Dr. Fidelis Lionel Emmanuel Fernando, the Bishop of Mannar, Diocese of Mannar at the Mannar Bishops House yesterday (16).

The bishop of Mannar commended President Ranil Wickremesinghe for his economic reform efforts aimed at rescuing the country from its financial crisis. During their meeting, they also discussed future development plans for the Mannar district.

Key topics included the development of Point Pedro and Mullaitivu as renewable energy hubs. Emphasis was placed on ensuring that these development activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.

During their discussion it was noted that negotiations are underway regarding the sale of surplus renewable energy to India. A feasibility study is currently being conducted on establishing a power line connection between Sri Lanka and India, with further discussions expected during the upcoming visit of the Indian Foreign Minister to Sri Lanka.

President Wickremesinghe also mentioned that a pre-feasibility study for a land connection between Sri Lanka and India has been completed, and a full feasibility study will be conducted in the near future.

Additionally, plans to develop Mannar as a tourist hub were discussed, including the potential development of Mannar Fort to attract cruise tourists.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe further remarked that these initiatives would lead to extensive development across all sectors in the Mannar district in the future. The Bishop of Mannar also urged the President to address the issues faced by the fishermen of Mannar.

The meeting was attended by Vicar General of the Mannar Diocese, Father P. Christunayagam; Reverend Father Gnanpragasam of Madu Church; Father Peppi Sosei; former Vicar General of the Mannar Diocese; and other clergy members.



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