A court in Vavuniya has rejected a request by the police to prohibit a motorcade by Tamils to remember an LTTE member who died during a hunger strike 36 years ago.

The court ruling came as a group of Sinhalese armed with clubs attacked the motorcade at Sardhapura Junction, injuring two, including an MP.

Six persons, including a woman, have been taken into custody over the incident.

Police had referred a complaint by two persons that the event could potentially disrupt public peace and racial harmony in the area.

Magistrate Subajani Devarasa turned it down, underscoring the fundamental right to remember the deceased and to conduct acts of commemoration.

She ordered the police to take proactive measures to maintain communal harmony and to prevent any incidents.

The motorcade is on its way to the north to remember Rasiah Parthipan alias Thileepan, who died on September 26, 1987 while on a hunger strike to highlight demands of his community.


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