The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has requested the public to inform them regarding any children who may be at risk due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority, Prof. Muditha Vidanapathirana in a press release today, has urged the public to remain vigilant regarding the safety of children during these troubling times.

Anyone can contact the NCPA through ’1929′, a private and confidential service for any child related inquiry, the NCPA Chairman said.

With the surge in the pandemic, many parents and adults at home are rapidly contracting the coronavirus.

Once the health authorities are notified, covid positive parents and adults are immediately referred to quarantine centers or hospitals.

As a result, many children are placed in vulnerable situations where they may feel abandoned and isolated and could be subjected to physical/sexual/emotional abuse.

Therefore, the NCPA requests the public to inform them of any such instances through the 24 hour “1929” childline which can be contacted free of charge through any telecom provider in Sinhala, Tamil, and English languages.

The 24 hour childline, which was initiated by the NCPA in July 2010 addressing one of the key requirements in the field of child protection, now plays a cardinal role in serving towards the protection of the nation’s children.

1929 responds not only to the emergency needs of children, but also links them to appropriate services ensuring their long-term care and rehabilitation.


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