"Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut" has achieved remarkable success as PlayStation's biggest single-player launch on Steam,

despite initial controversies and connectivity issues. Since its release on May 16, the game has recorded a peak of 77,154 concurrent players, surpassing the previous record held by "God of War," which peaked at 73,529 players.

Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT

According to SteamDB, a site that tracks active player counts on Valve's storefront, "Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut" reached its all-time peak concurrent player count within days of its launch. This milestone marks the action-adventure title as the most successful single-player PlayStation game on Steam to date.

The game's success on Steam comes in the wake of a controversial requirement for players to link their PlayStation Network (PSN) account to access the Legends multiplayer mode. This requirement led to the game being delisted from Steam in over 170 countries where PSN is not available. Despite this, the single-player campaign remains accessible without a PSN account.

Ghost Of Tsushima 2 Shouldn't Fear Assassin's Creed: Japan

Prior to the game's release, pre-orders for the PC port were cancelled and refunded on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GMG in regions without official PSN support. This decision followed confirmation from developer Sucker Punch that while the single-player campaign could be played without linking a PSN account, the Legends mode would require such a link.

Additionally, "Ghost of Tsushima" was delisted from PC digital storefronts in over 170 non-PSN countries. The game features the new PlayStation Overlay, an optional feature that brings the PS5 interface to PC, allowing players to access their PlayStation account, friend list, trophies, and more.

While "Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut" has become Sony's top single-player title on Steam, it trails behind live service titles in overall player numbers. Notably, "Helldivers 2," which launched simultaneously on PS5 and PC in February, has broken Steam records and emerged as one of the most played games on the platform. The co-op shooter has also become the fastest-selling PlayStation title, with 12 million units sold in the first 12 weeks since release.


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