Dissolving the Football Federation of Sri Lanka is under consideration by the Sports Ministry following the resignation of most of its executive committee members.

Only eight members were elected to the 11-member ex-co at the election on January 14.

The positions of deputy treasurer and deputy secretary (administration) were not filled as all the nominees were rejected.

On February 28, secretary Indika Thenuwara, treasurer T. Sudakar, vice presidents C. Deepika Kumari and Saman Dilhan Nagahawatte sent their resignations to FFSL president J. Sri Ranga.


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With the football governing body unable to have its quorum of six ex-co members, continuing its affairs has become problematic.


Payment of staff salaries and other financial matters are on a standstill due to Sudakar’s quitting.

The ex-co presently has president Ranga, vice presidents Priyantha Weerasuriya and T.I. Uduwara and deputy secretary (technical) S.R.M.M. Asad only.

Also of concern is that despite more than one month having passed since the election of office-bearers, there are accusations the FFSL was still to take any productive measure to develop the game.

Its ex-co and council are yet to have any meetings either.

In view of the situation, former FFSL president Ranjith Rodrigo is reportedly planning to bring in a no-confidence motion against Ranga.

He is getting the support of several football leagues.

After serving as a deputy president under Jaswar Umar, Rodrigo contested the election as a supporter of Ranga.


All the trouble comes on top of the world football governing body FIFA’s suspension of FFSL with effect from January 21.


Rodrigo has informed director general of sports Amal Edirisuriya that as the matters stand now, an immediate ministry intervention is required.

Edirisuriya will have to take over the FFSL affairs once again in the event the ex-co becomes defunct.

Ranga has said that unlike his many predecessors who were accused of corruption, he would function unimpeded.

Efforts are also being made to get the FIFA suspension lifted, he also said.

On February 22, sports minister Roshan Ranasinghe appointed a six-member committee to inquire into irregularities in the FFSL.


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Headed by retired judge Kusala Sarojani Weerawardana, it also comprises Shalani Roshana Fernando (secretary), Susil Ramanayake, Kingsley Fernando, Sugath Nagahamulla and Ananda Peiris.

They are tasked with formulating a new constitution for the FFSL and investigate its financial and administrative affairs since 2018, probe the nominal football leagues and the staff recruitment procedure.


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