The Middle East Crown - Series 5 Boxing, organised by DJMC Events UAE, takes place on November 26 at the ballroom of Hotel Shangri-la in Colombo.

The event would comprise ten bouts, featuring 20 professional boxers and three championship titles.

The ‘Countdown to The Middle East Crown’, is a series of ten professional boxing events per season, spanning over 24 months.

Its goal is to promote professional boxing appeal in the region, showcasing ‘exciting fight cards’ featuring exclusive boxing talent from all across the globe.

DJMC has brought in fighters from the USA, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Thailand and Japan to create a platform for passionate individuals to showcase their talent.


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The event features international and professional boxing champions from India, namely current WBC champions Sachin Dekhwal, Urvashi Singh, and Nutlai Lalbiakkima, among other world-reputed international boxers featured on the fight card.

Participating are three Sri Lankan boxers, Tharindu Roshan, Niraj Wijewardana and Kaumini Hashini who turned professional in Dubai at DJMC Series 3 and are now participating in Series 5.




They are currently training hard in Dubai under expert supervision and coaching in preparation for this event to fight in front of their most ardent fans and supporters.

DJMC has identified Sri Lanka as a nation with a growing interest in the sport of boxing since it was first introduced to the island nation in the 20th century.


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