A silent protest has been organised in front of the Borella Cemetery today (13) at 5.00 pm against
the Sri Lankan government's decision to not allow the burial of Muslims who succumb to COVID-19 and to show solidarity with all Muslims who have had their loved ones cremated against their will.

The protest is also organised against the enforced cremation of a 20-day-old baby who had contracted COVID-19. The father of the infant had raised questions over the decision to cremate his child without the consent of the parents.

While urging all participants to strictly follow health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the organisers requested the public to tie white handkerchiefs on the gates at the crematorium.

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Protests in London

Sri Lankans living in the UK held a silent demonstration yesterday (12) in front of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London to protest the enforced cremation of suspected COVID-19 infected bodies of Muslims.

The protesters observed that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has clearly stated that burials are safe while several other UN bodies and international human rights organisations including the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) have invoked international covenants on religious freedoms and rights of religious practice and have asked the government to desist from forcible cremations against the wishes of religious minorities, especially since such a policy has no scientific basis.

The protesters said that grieving for their loved ones has become a fraught political issue, provoking great pain and anger amongst Muslims.
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