A relative of a victim at Mahara prison riot pleading for information from a police officer
 The relatives of inmates have been gathering in front of the Mahara Prison to inquire about the well being of their loved ones. However, some parents whose children are housed at the Mahara Prison said that they were unable to get any information regarding them. 

Sujeewa Fernando told the BBC Sinhala Service yesterday (30) that she could not find any information about her son.
"We have been in front of the prison since morning but we have not received any information about our son. Please find out what happened to him," she implored. 

Hundreds of family members and relatives, who are well aware of the previous brutalities by guards and police against the inmates, remained outside the prison pleading for information. Many photos were circulated on Social media.

Meanwhile, Ishanka Jayasinghe posted the following message on Twitter. (The term) 'Prisoners are human beings' is turning into 'human beings are prisoners.' Be prepared.

Political analyst Mahesh Hapugoda posted the following on his Facebook page:

mahesh hapugoda

A poem written by the daughter of an inmate who was scheduled to be released but was murdered at Mahara Prison is found below.
Muder Mahara Prison
දින ගණිමින් හිටියෙ තාත්තව දැක ගන්න
තව සති තුනයි නොවැ තිබුණේ ගත වෙන්න
හිතුණේ නැද්ද තව ඩිංගක් ඉවසන්න
කාකි ඇස්වලින් සැඟවී ගෙන ඉන්න

අසාධාරණය දැක නිහඬව ඉවසන්න
පුරුදුවෙලා සිටියේ නැති එක වරද
වෙඩි වැද මිය ගියේ ඔබ නොව අප තිදෙන
කෙලෙසක වාවම් ද අපි මේ රුදු විපත

සතියට වතාවක් මහරට ගිය ගමන
කොවිඩ් වසංගතයෙනි නැවතුණෙ මෙවර
දකිනට නොලැබුමෙන් තාත්තාගේ මුහුණ
අම්මා හිටියෙ කඳුළින් තෙත් වී දෙනෙත

තාත්තේ ඔබට අපෙ දුක පෙනෙනව ද
තාත්තේ ඔබට අපෙ හඬ ඇහෙනව ද
තාත්තේ ටිකක් ඇහැ ඇර බලනව ද
අඬන්නෙපා යයි අම්මට කියනව ද
– බුද්ධදාස ගලප්පත්ති 

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