A programme has been launched to provide quality meals for in-house patients of state-run hospitals.

The Ministry of Health and the association of nutritionists launched it on 28 June, with the ministry secretary presiding.

President of the association of nutritionists Dr. Thimathi Wickramasekara explained that the first step is the modernizing of hospital kitchens.

The kitchens will also have a name change as the food and beverages departments.

Also, the staffs managing the kitchens are given professional training and given an internationally-accepted certificate.

Next, the meal plate will be customized to give it an appetizing look.

Variety of the meal as per the patients’ wish will be given consideration, at breakfast and dinner.

The ministry will spend the additional cost for meals, while the equipment is to be acquired via donations.

The Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devale will bear the entire cost for Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama.

Authorities request well-wishers to come forward and assist this programme in any way possible in order for it to be expanded to other government hospitals.



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