Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) led National People’s Power (NPP) party yesterday (03) filed a fundamental rights petition against the Economic Transformation Bill before the Supreme Court.

The petition, submitted by NPP Economic Council members Sunil Handunetti and Dr. Harshana Surpiyapperuma, challenges the Bill’s implications on future governance and economic decision-making.

NPP member Mahinda Jayasinghe, speaking to the media, criticised the Government’s attempt to enact legislation to legalise the country’s open economy policy in place since 1978.

He claimed that the Bill would constrain future Governments and transfer significant economic decision-making power to boards which may even include dual citizens.

He also accused the Government of attempting to bring economic decisions of the country under the purview of the executive powers of the President.

He pointed out that with only four months left for the current Government, it is inappropriate to pass such impactful legislation that could shape the country’s economic and political landscape for years to come.

The petitioners argue that the bill violates provisions 83 and 84(2) of the Sri Lankan constitution.

They are calling for the courts to declare that the Bill requires a two-thirds majority in Parliament and a national referendum to be passed.

(Daily FT)


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