It has been revealed that one of the shooters who killed five persons,

including the leader of Ape Janbala Party, Saman Perera in Beliatta is an interdicted  Police Inspector.

The investigation teams have also received information that the other shooter of these murder has fled the country. It is said that the person who fled the country after the killing of five persons is the person who got off the jeep from Kamburupitiya town and fled in a bus leading  to Matara.

Investigation has revealed that he fled the country about a week after the shooting via the airport.

Information has been revealed that the Police Inspector who is the second shooter is believed to be staying in the country and he is a close associate of underworld gangster ‘Kosgoda Sujee’.

According to the investigation officers, it is the opinion of investigators that this former Police Inspector is the mastermind of the murders.

Three mobile phones belonging to a Kollupitiya Police officer were also made public to provide information if there is any information about him. 


They are 0742 226 022, 0718 591 492, 0718 594 455.



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