Public security minister Tiran Alles has claimed that last year’s ‘Aragalaya’ - the people’s uprising – has contributed to an increased underworld activity and drugs.

He was speaking at an event at police stadium in Mirihana, Nugegoda yesterday (23) to raise awareness on the ongoing

crackdown against crime.

On the occasion, Alles inspected a fleet of vehicles seized from the suspects arrested from Colombo.

He explained that the police were made to use its full force to curb ‘Aragalaya’ and had no time to fight crimes and drugs.

Media has shown how certain persons treated the police during that period, said Alles.

Once he took over the ministry, he said he instructed the police not to allow anyone to challenge their authority.

After succeeding that, plans were made to curb the underworld and drugs, with a committee led by the acting IGP preparing a plan before the operation began, he said.

A large number of criminals have been taken into custody and the operation will continue despite any challenge and criticism until its targets are met, said the minister.

He added that the police only needed the support of the public in that regard.


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