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A pro-government newspaper 'Aruna', in its headline today (24), has reported that 35 Navy personnel have contracted the novel coronavirus.
However, when the 'Aruna' newspaper owned by businessman Dilith Jayaweera, the closest confidant of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has reported that 35 personnel have contracted the virus, government officials including Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva have said the number was 30.


Some websites that are being operated from overseas have also reported that more than 30 Navy personnel have contracted the coronavirus.

E news 51Furthermore, certain posts on social media have indicated that 48 Navy personnel have contracted the coronavirus.

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While pro-government media such as 'Aruna' are publishing contradictory datasets pertaining to persons infected with the coronavirus, some have raised doubts on social media as to whether the government is hiding information with regard to the spread of the coronavirus with an impending election around the corner.

Around 150 Navy personnel have been subjected to PCR testing and the results are expected to be received by Friday evening.