Unregulated use of the Internet and misuse of digital technology have led to many social problems, such as child abuse, in the country, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha said.

The Minister expressed these views while participating in a programme organized to mark the Child Abuse Prevention Day.

In many developed countries, the internet and digital technology are used with regulations.

In the face of ever-increasing social and economic problems, the current society is in non-stop competition, and since the nature of competition is to strive for achievement, we find a generation under mental pressure and stress. So it is essential to pay more attention to the field of psychiatry in future training programmes, the minister further pointed this out.

"There are many officers to identify the social problems that arise at the local level in Sri Lanka and to take steps to provide solutions to them.

"Monthly development committee meetings are held in 331 Divisional Secretariat divisions and 25 district development committees.

The Minister pointed out that a great deal of intervention can be done for these problems because the problems of injustice, abuse, and drug addiction that many children face are due to problems within the family, such as the isolation of children, parental disputes, the lack of attention to children and illiteracy.

It was also mentioned that necessary measures should be taken by conducting further surveys.

The Minister said that some people argue that it is inappropriate to introduce sex education in schools. Sex education should be included in the school curriculum in a more appropriate manner. Therefore, attention has been paid to this in the upcoming education reforms measures.



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