Prosecutors in Nagoya, central Japan, have once again declined to indict immigration officials over the death of a Sri Lankan woman at a detention facility.

The prosecutors made the decision on Friday following a fresh investigation into the case of Wishma Sandamali.

The 33-year-old Sri Lankan was being held for overstaying her visa.

She died in March 2021 after complaining of ill health.

Her family filed a criminal complaint against 13 officials, accusing them of homicide.

Prosecutors concluded in June 2022 there was no basis to bring charges against them.

The family requested that an inquest panel made up of randomly chosen citizens review the decision.

The panel determined in December that the prosecutors' decision was unjust.

The panel said although the officials cannot be charged for homicide, their actions could have constituted professional negligence resulting in death.

On Friday, the prosecutors said the officials cannot be charged with professional negligence resulting in death because they were unable to foresee and avoid Wishma's death.

The immigration bureau in Nagoya says it is not in a position to comment on the judgment or decisions of investigators.

The lawyer representing Wishma's family, Ibusuki Shoichi, says the decision to drop the case is unacceptable.

He says it's as if the prosecutors have effectively declared that they do not hold immigration authorities criminally responsible even if a detainee is overlooked and abandoned to die.

He says the family will not tolerate the unjust decision and will keep fighting to hold those responsible to account.



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