The war-affected Wanni people have expressed solidarity with their brethren in the hill-country who are demanding citizenship and other rights.

Malaiyaha Tamils are presently on a support-seeking march from Talaimannar to Matale to press for 11 demands.

As they reached Madhu on 01 August, various events were organized there to welcome them.

As they resumed their march on the following day, Wanni Tamils marched from Pudukudirippu junction to Kaiveli and from there went in a vehicle procession to Kilinochchi in a show of support.

Religious, political and civil society activists too, participated.

Malaiyaha Tamils are taking the same route their ancestors took 200 years ago to reach the hill-country, where they have since been working mainly as tea estate labourers.

They are seeking the support of other communities to win their demands.


Among these demands are the recognition of their history, struggle and economic contributions, a separate identity but with equal rights and access to education, health and social security.


A reasonable payment for their work, workplace dignity, protection and equal salaries for men and women, land, livelihood and housing rights and the protection and promotion of their culture are also included.


Amma1 2023.08.03

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