Dr. Kassapa Ellepola, a Sri Lankan researcher working at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA, has been presented an award by the International Dental Research Association for his dental research innovation.

This award was given to him at the 101st Conference of the International Dental Research Association held in Bogota, Colombia.

It is reported that the International Dental Research Association has awarded an amount of US$ 50,000 for Dr. Ellepola’s research work with the donation of Hellion Company.

Dr. Ellepola is an alumnus of Trinity College, Kandy and a graduate of Kelaniya University specializing in Microbiology.

He received his doctorate degree from the National University of Singapore and his post-doctorate degree from the Louisiana State University in the United States of America and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

This award has been given for the development of a new nano compound jointly done by Dr. Ellepola and his advisor Prof. Russell Pesavento.

This nano compound helps to restore the biochemical activity of saliva in patients with dry mouth caused by deficient salivary function.


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