Police have refused to reveal the identity of one of its intelligence men, who had allegedly aimed a pistol at Tamil MP Gajendra Kumar Ponnambalam at Marudankerni public stadium in Jaffna.

He was there on June 02 at the invitation of Vadamarachchi East cricket club to discuss organizing a tournament.

As the meeting was underway, two motorcyclists had arrived and stood behind the TNPF leader.

When inquired, the duo claiming to be from the CID said they were investigating an ‘unauthorized meeting.’

Ponnambalam told them that since he was not getting MSD security, they should produce proof of identification.




They refused to do so and tried to leave and during an altercation, one of the men hit him with his helmet and fled while the other was captured by TNPF supporters, said the MP.

In the meantime, a man wearing a blue-coloured T-shirt and in a nearby school building shouted at them and demanded the release of the captured man.

Some cricketers claimed the man had aimed a pistol at him, said Ponnambalam.

Minutes later, a sub-inspector arrived at the scene and claimed himself to be the acting OIC of Marudankerni police.

He confirmed the person who aimed a pistol at him to be an intelligence officer, but declined to reveal his identify, said the MP.

The acting OIC refused legal action against the two men, but promised to give them ‘punishment transfers’, Ponnambalam added.


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