Parents of three former LTTE members are planning a fast-unto-death to demand the immediate release of a LTTE cemetery at Alampil in Mullaitivu presently occupied by the Army.

Tamils in the north and the east are organizing remembrances for their dead on May 18, which marks 14 years since the end of the war.

Murugiah Rasiah, one of those planning the hunger strike, told journalists the Army has desecrated the Alampil cemetery by running a restaurant, playing cricket and farming there.

Dayalini, another involved, said they suffer a lot mentally as they are unable to light a lamp and pray for their dead.

They demanded politicians and officials to return the cemetery, failing which they will start the death fast.



Meanwhile, government authorities held a discussion on May 08 to plan the celebration of the military victory.

Senior advisor to the president Sagala Ratnayake, defence secretary Kamal Gunaratne, commanders of the tri-forces and other top officials were in attendance.


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