Sri Lanka’s high commissioner in the United Kingdom, Saroja Sirisena has won the coveted ‘The Diplomat of the Year from Asia & Oceania Award’ of the prestigious foreign affairs magazine – The Diplomat.

She received the award at the magazine’s annual awards ceremony at the Royal Over-Seas League on April 24.

The award recognises “outstanding work and achievements of London’s diplomatic community who are trying to better their nation’s well-being.”

The Diplomat’s editor Venetia de Bloq van Kuffeler said a posting in London remains one of the highlights of any diplomat’s career.

She added that the winners are testimony to their hard work, dedication and professionalism.

Sirisena has served with distinction as the Sri Lankan ambassador to Austria with concurrent accreditation to the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the United Nations and international organisations in Vienna as well.

Diplomat magazine identified 10 categories that recognise different levels of diplomacy, and winners were nominated by their fellow diplomats.

Over 150 guests including heads of mission and diplomats from over 80 countries attended the awards ceremony.


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