The LSSP has removed Prof. Tissa Vitarana as secretary of the party.

A member of the party’s central committee said the removal came after Vitarana’s attempt to organize a separate May Day rally and join the government.

Vitarana had wanted the LSSP not to take part in a combined event by leftist parties as the Socialist People’s Front, said the CC member.

The CC on April 22 met and in a unanimous decision, replaced him with Wellappulige Abeysena, he added.


Vitharana disputes claim


However, Vitarana still claims himself to be the legally appointed secretary of the LSSP.

He refuted claims to the contrary, and explained that a group of around 16 met at a purported CC meeting and removed him from the position of secretary.

However, only the party’s secretary is empowered to convene the CC, Vitarana said, adding that he would initiate legal action regarding his purported removal.



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