The SJB has asked its MP Rajitha Senaratne to make an immediate clarification with regard to a statement attributed to him, according to certain media.

The party’s national organizer Tissa Attanayake said Senaratne has dismissed claims that he was going to join the government.

The SJB has reportedly appointed a committee to inquire into Senaratne’s statement that he was prepared to accept the health minister portfolio.

He had met committee members Attanayake, Kabir Hashim and Lakshman Kiriella at party general secretary Ranjith Madduma Bandara’s Nugegoda home.

According to Attanayake, Senaratne has said the media had misreported what he had said when it claimed he would support the government and the president.

In response, Senaratne has posted a statement on his facebook page.

It said that all parties should unite and support the government for a specific timeframe, and the SJB should take the lead in such a process.

Senaratne also said he has no need whatsoever to join the government on his own, and that otherwise, he would not voice his concerns within the party.

The MP said he found two parties with the same principles remaining divided to be unfair by both their supporters and the country.

He rejected reports that he had been summoned before the SJB’s disciplinary committee.

In this regard, he referred to a friendly meeting he had at the home of Madumma Bandara, also attended by MPs Hashim, Kiriella and Attanayake.


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