The controversy over the dual citizenship of former Defence Secretary and presidential hopeful Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has taken center stage with documents of his loss of US citizenship circulating in social media platforms.

However, the latest issue to hit social media platforms is the issue of Rajapaksa obtaining a Sri Lankan passport, which is not a dual citizen’s passport, after surrendering his US passport and other documents he had on being a dual citizen.

 It is alleged that Rajapaksa had obtained the Sri Lankan passport with the assistance of a senior minister of the UNP government.

 It has already been reported that Rajapaksa had travelled to Singapore for medical treatment using this newly obtained Sri Lankan passport.

 According to a news report published in the Lankaenews website, Rajapaksa had not completely denounced his US citizenship when he obtained the Sri Lankan passport with the assistance of a senior government minister.

 The website has further stated that granting Rajapaksa a Sri Lankan passport without the “dual citizen” stamp in such a scenario is a serious matter that requires a probe. The passport issued by the Sri Lankan authorities to dual citizens has a “dual citizen” stamp on the second page of the respective passport.

 However, the passport that Rajapaksa currently has in his possession does not have the “dual citizen” stamp in it.

 According to the news report, it is a senior government minister who had intervened and ensured that Rajapaksa received a passport without this stamp.

 Rajapaksa has already said to the media that he is no longer a dual citizen and that he is a Sri Lankan citizen.

 However, the Immigration and Emigration Controller has told the media that the Sri Lankan passport issued to Rajapaksa had no bearing on his renunciation of the US citizenship.

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