Arjuna Ranatunga has been asked to resign as chairman of the National Sports Council (NSC) immediately.

Senior advisor to the sports minister Sudath Chandrasekara has made the request in writing.

No member of the NSC attended a scheduled meeting yesterday from 2.00 pm via Zoom.

Chandrasekara wrote to Ranatunga asking him not to be surprised by that as none of the members recognized him as the NSC’s chairman any longer.

Reminding him that he was instrumental in getting him appointed to the position, the minister’s advisor said certain activities by him do not give him the ethical right to continue in that capacity.

Chandrasekara also said he informed the minister about that in writing and also tendered his resignation over his differences with Ranatunga.

The minister refused to accept the resignation, he said, adding that both cannot function together in their capacities any longer.



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