Recovering from the challenging situation that Sri Lanka is currently facing requires a significant emphasis on the accountability of public officials in matters such as financial control, anti-corruption measures and adherence to the rule of law, Chief of Staff to the President Sagala Ratnayaka said.

He made this observation at a meeting with officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and heads of state agencies yesterday (20).

Ratnayaka, also senior presidential advisor on national security, highlighted the important role of the government and its officials in this difficult period.


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Officials of the IMF commended the government for its correct evaluation of the matters as they stand and noted the bilateral agreements reached on state agencies and the market, regulations, supremacy of the law, money laundering and fiscal control.

Rather than worrying about mistakes made in the past, the focus now should be on the essential reforms, with the IMF standing ready to support in meeting challenges and priorities in reforms, they also said.

Ratnayake stressed the importance of holding regular meetings to discuss progress and called for commitment by the line agencies.

Finance secretary Mahinda Siriwardena and Central Bank governor Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe were among the other participants.


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