The Colombo High Court today (15) ordered the attorney general to decide the course of action against former finance minister Ravi Karunanayake with regard to the Central Bank bond issue.

A HC panel comprising judges Damith Totawatte, Manjula Tilakaratne and Mohamed Irshadeen instructed the AG to inform the court of his decision at the next hearing on April 27.

Panel chairman Totawatte noted the charges against Karunanayake cannot proceed in view of a previous ruling by the Court of Appeal, which was brought to the court’s notice by Karunanayake’s lawyer Shavindra Fernando.

President’s counsel Fernando submitted a copy of the appellate court’s verdict, which was examined by judges Totawatte and Tilakaratne, with both deciding the matter was up to the AG to decide.

Additional solicitor general Priyantha Nawana, who represents the AG, told the court that no decision has been taken yet to appeal that ruling.



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